Shopper Info

When is the next Vintage Bazaar?

We're popping up at the DANK Haus (4740 N. Western) in Lincoln Square February 15 and 16. TVB will be part of three of the Renegade Craft Fair events this year. More details on the events page.

What kind of stuff will I find at the Bazaar?

At our flea markets and pop-up boutiques, you'll find a mix of vintage items -- from clothing and accessories to large furniture pieces and home decor. Some vintage and some antiques. All of it from a variety of eras. Prices range from a couple of dollars to the hundreds - just like the mall.

Tell me more about Renegade Craft Fair.

RCF is an amazing event that happens all over the US. Check out their about page.

Is there an entry fee?

We're hosting a ticketed party on Friday 2/15 from 7-10 pm, but shoppers can attend FREE on Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

Buy your night market + party tickets here.

Is there an age restriction?

No -- people of all ages, including children, are welcome!

Is there access for strollers and/or wheelchairs?

Yes. Aisles are wide enough for browsing. The DANK Haus has elevators that will take guests to the fifth floor.

Where can I park?

Street parking near the DANK Haus and the Renegade sites, but mind posted restrictions.

How do I get to the Bazaar?

The Historic DANK-HAUS, home of DANK Chicago, is located at 4740 North Western Avenue, southwest of the intersection of Lincoln, Lawrence and Western, in the heart of Lincoln Square, Chicago's historically German neighborhood. Street parking is available.

The DANK-HAUS is easily accessible by the CTA:

Brown Line Western Stop
Busses #49 Western
#X49 Western Express
#81 Lawrence
#11 Lincoln

Are there ATMs?

There is no ATM inside the DANK building, but there are ATMs across the street at Walgreens and at nearby banks.

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

While some of our vendors accept mobile payments via Paypal or Square, not all vendors are able to accept credit or debit transactions. We encourage shoppers to bring cash with them to the event.

Can I bring my dog?

We love animals, but the DANK Haus doesn't allow pets. Well behaved pets are welcome at all outdoor events.

Vendor Application Info

How do I apply to be a vendor?

Applications are accepted through our online form. Click here.

Why are your booth prices different from Renegade Craft Fair's?

TVB and Renegade Craft Fair will be integrated side by side in some of the same venues this year, which is super exciting! But you might have noticed our booth prices are a little different. Here's why:

In addition to their booth space, Renegade Craft Fair vendors get a few intangibles that vintage vendors don't get, such as a logo + link on RCF's Makers page. Craft vendors also get a listing on the official map of the fair and opportunities for blog features and other promos before the fair. Additionally, handmade vendors often hook up wholesale orders due to their RCF presence.

TVB vendors get a lot of love on our event page, blog, and via social media, too! But, big wholesale orders aren't usually in the cards for vintage sellers. Plus, TVB is just a smaller biz in general, run by one person and various helpers here and there, as needed. So, for Austin and Chicago TVB set the booth price based on the average, free to attend vintage market booth fees and our operation costs.

What's the breakdown/overnight security scoop for Renegade?

Renegade hires overnight security for the whole weekend. You are encouraged to keep your display, tent, and set-up at the location, but you should take super valuable merchandise and cash boxes home with you or lock it up in some way.

Is there an application fee?


I applied to be a vendor. When do I find out if I'm accepted?

We'll try our best to let you know if you've been accepted with as much lead time as possible.

If you do not hear from us within a reasonable amount of time after applying, please contact us at submissions@thevintagebazaar.com to check in. We receive a lot of applications and can't always respond to everyone right away.

Can my friend and I split a booth?

Yes, you can certainly split a booth with a friend. However, you must apply as a unit, i.e. both vendors' information must submitted in one application. All fees must be paid in full by one individual, not separately.

What do I get with my booth rental fee?

Booth rental fees are priced by space provided. The TVB pop-up at DANK Haus costs $250 for one 9x15' booth and $150 for one 9x9' booth. Fee includes your license to vend at the market.

TVB @ Renegade booth fees include vendor license and 10x10' of space. Other rental options will be sent to accepted vendors, but are only available at the Austin events.

I don't have an online shop or an online photo album to submit with my application. What do I do?

If you do not have an online shop or photo album, please attach to the application at least 3 photos that best represent what you plan to sell at The Vintage Bazaar. If you have trouble attaching them to the application, please send your photos to submissions@thevintagebazaar.com and make sure to put your shop's name in the subject line so we can easily connect your application and the photos.

Are there any local hotel options for out-of-town vendors?

A majority of the hotels in Chicago are located downtown, in the Loop, and near the city's airports. However, there are some hotels and bed and breakfasts in the city's neighborhoods. Need specific assistance? Just email Libby -- libby@thevintagebazaar.com.

What is your vendor criteria?

We are looking for vendors with big stuff, little stuff, and unique stuff -- but we want to produce a vintage-focused market. We especially like vendors who have a strong brand, a keen aesthetic, and an independent following both online and in real life.

We are currently accepting about 60% home decor, housewares and furniture vendors, 30% clothing and jewelry vendors, and 10% other, meaning vendors who specialize in specific vintage merchandise like books, artwork, sunglasses or vinyl records.

Upcycled items are accepted and refer to any constructed object made from parts or pieces of vintage objects, where the original object is no longer used for its intended purpose. Refinished or reupholstered vintage objects are allowed and not considered upcycled. Such items can not comprise 100% of your inventory. Please email for specifics. No handmade items are allowed at TVB without prior written consent. Consent will only be considered if the handmade items are 20 years or older in order to be considered vintage.

TVB does not condone the sale of counterfeit merchandise and is not responsible for any merchandise sold. No counterfeit or look-alike merchandise or any other merchandise prohibited by federal, state and/or local laws shall be sold or solicited at TVB.

*Upcycled includes things like dramatically refinished furniture, reworked/handmade jewelry and vintage clothing (outside of regular fixes like sewing hems, replacing buttons, etc.).

Do I need a tax ID number or resale number?

In order to sell and collect tax on items in the state of Illinois, you should register your business with your state's Department of Revenue and get a Tax ID. It's pretty easy to do this, and if you're collecting under $500 per year in taxes, the state should require that you remit only once a year.

In order to get your Chicago Itinerant Merchant License through the Bazaar organizers (as included in your application fee), you'll need to provide us with your Tax ID or your personal social security number.

More information about registering your business is available on the Illinois Department of Revenue website.

Texas Dept. of Revenue: 1-800-252-5555 or www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/sales.

Will there be electricity?

Yes, free electricity is available at the DANK Haus pop-up 2/15-16.

Both TVB @ Renegade Austin dates have an electricity rental option, details and pricing will be sent to accepted vendors.

Since you're curating a vintage market at Renegade can I bring some crafts?

This is a really special opportunity as Renegade does not accept vintage vendors regularly. It is important that we keep things super vintage so we set our pop-up apart from the rest of the show and respect the craft vendors handpicked by Renegade.

Our rule is 80% true vintage and 20% repurposed/upcycled/rehabbed. Sound good?

Do you provide tables or tents?

Free 8' tables will be provided at the DANK Haus pop-up on 2/15-16. Tents are not allowed at indoor markets and nothing taller than 6 feet for display.

Both TVB @ Renegade Austin dates will have table/chair/electricity rental options, details and pricing will be sent to accepted vendors.

Where can we park our trucks, vans, clown cars?

Dedicated vendor parking is not available. Street parking is available near the venue, but please mind posted signs and regulations.

When is load-in? How does it work?

Load-in details will be sent to you after you application has been accepted and payment received.

How much are booth spaces?

The TVB pop-up at DANK Haus 2/15-16 has two booth sizes available: $250 for a 9x15' and $150 for a 9x9'.

All TVB @ Renegade booths are $300 for one 10x10 space, booth fee does not include electricity/tent/table/chair rental.

All booth fees include your $25 Itinerant Merchant License fee when necessary.

Can I get two booths?

We have a limited number of booths at the TVB pop-up at Renegade Craft Fair, so double booths are only offered to vendor teams that wish to booth it out together to create a cohesive offering.

How do I weigh down my tent?

You can weigh down a tent a variety of ways. Click here for some good ideas. Tents are only allowed at our outdoor markets.

My booth is outside. What happens if it rains?

It's true, we can't control the weather. Our Terms & Conditions explicitly state that we are not responsible for poor sales, damage, etc., due to inclement weather. However, the good news is: customers still turn out in the rain! Our outdoor vendors have still raked in fabulous sales even in downpours, so we encourage you to give it a shot.