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Home Tour: A Rose Vintage Shopping Soiree


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Hi TVBers! My name is Brandy and I’m the new video editor for The Vintage Bazaar markets and blog! I’ll be doing event videos, home tours, interviews, shop-alongs, and anything else I can think of to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at our vintage sellers. 

Samantha Balk of Rose Vintage

Samantha Balk of Rose Vintage

My first project came just in time for the holidays, Samantha Balk of Rose Vintage was hosting a holiday shopping soiree in her new Chicago apartment and invited me over to check it out. Guests sipped on punch and ate incredibly delicious snacks (just try to watch the clip of her spread without your mouth watering) while shopping her winter line. The best part, besides her adorable sheepdog Otis mingling happily, was seeing all the guests have fun trying on the goods! What a great party. 

Enjoy a glimpse into the beautiful world of Samantha Balk’s Rose Vintage. Click through for the video or watch on Vimeo here.

Have an idea of what you’d like to see? Are you a TVB vendor who’d like to be featured? Don’t be shy. You can reach Brandy at

Inspiration Folder: Post-Thanksgiving Family Room


Inspiration Folder

Picture it: you’ve just consumed a lovely, giant Thanksgiving meal and you’re ready to roll yourself into the family room to take a movie/football game nap. You should…

Make and/or turn on a fire

Curl up on a cute and cozy couch

via Modern Cooperative on Furnishly

Sink your toes into a fluffy rug and swaddle yourself in a warm blanket

Fill your glass


Vintage Remix: Crazy Graffiti Couch


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Are you brave enough to own this couch? Find it on, right here. I hastily re-styled it in Photoshop using some of cushionchicago’s awesome pillows, which just happen to be for sale on right now. I picked the crazy quilt pillow because I figured why not layer wild with more wild.

How would YOU style this couch?

Inspiration Folder: Supernatural


Inspiration Folder

Retro design inspiration can easily be found in shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, but one probably wouldn’t think of Supernatural as a show with amazing set decor. But friends, it is full of it. The brothers Sam and Dean hop from city to city throughout the series and usually end up bunking in “outdated” flea bag motels, which are chock full of awesome retro and MCM pieces.

Like crazy wallpaper and kitschy art.

heeey jensen

click for larger image


click for larger image

the girl from walking dead

click for larger image

And amazing room divider things.

good wallpaper too

click for larger image

the lamp and the table & chairs are also great

click for larger image

I am in love with this whole room.

sam and dean

click for larger image

Click through for the very very best motel room of all time.

Music & Rooms: Flowers on the Wall


Inspiration Folder

Flowers on the Wall (The Statler Brothers)

Open Your Heart to Me (Madonna)

Nocturne (Debussy)

Inspiration Folder: Insert Baroque Pun


Inspiration Folder

There is a black marble pedestal table headed towards my home. (A family hand-me-down.) It looks a little like the table in the photo above and I am asking you all for a some help picking out the right chairs. Right now, I have Burke tulip chairs paired with a scraggly old wood table. I like the clash of plastic-y sleek with the rustic wood. So, I am hoping to find a clash that works with a Baroque marble table.

But, what will work well with the heavy table style? Share your opinions here in the comments or on our Facebook page.

While we’re all pondering let’s take a gander at some dreamy chairs that could work if I had the dough to even consider them.

One more after the jump.

TVB at Renegade: Krrb Preview


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We’re days away from TVB’s pop-up at Renegade Craft Fair! Did you know that you can preview the goods on Our friends and partners at Krrb set up some of our vendors with “corners” to showcase their wares before the event. But, really anyone can use Krrb to sell secondhand — it’s like a souped-up Craiglist.

Onward to some sneak peeks!

Huge framed art from The Savoy Flea $98

Pair of barstools from Strangelovely $125

More after the jump!

Inspiration Folder: Style this Look


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I was browsing the Dethrose Vintage shop and came across this perfect summer-to-fall blouse. I love that Karyn paired the simple top with skinny, cropped black trousers. But that top is begging for a statement necklace and after reading Leilani’s post about lockets and memorial jewelry I just had to add in a Bakelite mourning/sweetheart ring. I finished off the look with some weird-in-a-good-way plastic and cork shoes. Fun! How would you style this look with vintage accessories?

Shop links after the jump.

Inspiration Folder: Take This Waltz


Inspiration Folder

Take This Waltz, starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan, opens in theaters July 6 and once again TVB is working with some folks in the movie biz to offer our readers a fun prize. This time, we’re offering a double whammy: you can enter to win two free tickets to the July 8 market and two tickets to an advanced screening of the flick. Click here to enter to win movie tickets. 

How cute are Michelle Williams’ outfits as Margot in the film?! You can style your own Margot look by shopping TVB on July 8 or peep some of what you’ll find over on — search tag The Vintage Bazaar. Check out some cute vintage picks below.

Cute Rockabilly Dress from Bombshellshocked.

Click through for more!

Music & Rooms: A Kitchen, a Kid’s Room & a Library


Inspiration Folder, Living Spaces

Skonahem via doorsixteen

Two more after the jump.