TVB on Design for Mankind


Editor's Note

Hey gang. I wanted to make sure you knew that I have been moonlighting over on Design for Mankind the past few weeks. While Erin is nesting and preparing to care for her new addition, I’ve been providing mix tapes every Monday. I call it MIXkind and it has been so so fun. I’ll be over there every Monday for the next few months while Erin and Ken take time to care for the new baby. Check out the cartoon me (created by Adrienne Vita) on the contributor page!

Click to hear all 5 MIXkinds. New ones every Monday for the next few months.

Check out one of my favorite mixes thus far MIXkind 03. Click below to take a listen. Alert: features NSFW lyrics. Let me know if you have bands or jams you’d like to hear.

MIXkind 03. from MIXkind on 8tracks.


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