Vintage Recipe Update: Jell-o Salads


Vintage Recipes

image courtesy The Society Pages

Not long ago, it appears, our forebears thought something edible could be made by suspending vegetables in globs of goo like human slaves in a Matrix. They called it “salad.” Gross. It’s less like food and more like something a subterranean alien would eat in an H.P. Lovecraft story.

And while it seems almost inhuman to attempt this today, I actually found some modern-day recipes that make Jell-o salad sound almost tempting. Possible? See for yourself:

Emeril Lagasse’s Gaspacho Aspic, courtesy The Food Network

Creamy Cucumber Gelatin Salad, courtesy

Grandma’s Sunshine Salad Recipe, courtesy

Tomato Aspic Ring, courtesy SlashFood

Eggs in Aspic, courtesy Saveur

Russian-style Aspic, courtesy Genius Cook


If you attempt any of these molded delights, please let us know in the comments and be sure to post pictures on our Facebook Page.


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