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TVB has always been about vintage, but we also love to offer the best local chow at our markets. The February event will have four stellar vendors slinging snacks. Here’s a little bit more about them.

Blue Sky Inn Bakery & Cafe will be serving sandwiches, savory scones, soup, hot chocolate, and sparkling water on the 6th floor. Blue Sky Inn was established to empower Chicago’s homeless youth through job training and opportunities for creative expression. They work with youth to help them regain the opportunities and options that have been taken from them. Good food and advocacy for those in need. I like it. Click here to read an interview with owner Lisa Thompson over on Chicagoist.

Interview with owner Lisa Thompson on Chicagoist.

Puffs of Doom will be serving coffee and locally made artisanal sweet/savory puffs of awesome in the 5th floor bar. They are also part of the food truck movement that is happening in Chicago. TVB is def pro food truck! Follow their twitter @puffsofdoom.

Photo by Magnolia Photo Booth

Meet the rest of the crew after the jump.

Antique Kitchen’s new venture Antique Taco will be there with tasty tacos and special lemondes in the 5th floor bar. This husband and wife boutique catering team create food with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and are also about to open a restaurant.

Savor Baking Company will be serving sweets like cupcakes and cookies on the 6th floor. Owner Lexyne Jackson took the leap and opened her bakery in the summer of 2010 despite the poor economic climate. We love a gal who takes a risk — especially when it means we get to enjoy yummy baked goods. Follow her on twitter @savorbaking.

I couldn’t find a photo of Lexyne, so here is one of her cupcakes!


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