Roundup: Gunne Sax Dresses



image courtesy Melt Brianna

In the 1970s Jessica McClintock produced a line of dresses and prairie-revival clothing under the sub-label Gunne Sax, named so for the “gunny sack” or burlap trim used to line some of the earlier dresses. With summer fast approaching, and since I’m ridiculously obsessed with 1970s boho fashion and home decor right now, I decided to find out what some of TVB’s long-time clothing vendors had to say about these rags.

Adrienne @ Shop NOV says:

“I always am amused when I come across a classic Gunne Sax. I know for sure that they are very popular in Japan because we have sold them to buyers, especially the sweet, romantic, flowy ones. I think the label really does have a place in the history of American fashion.”

dress available from Neon Threads Designs

Nicole @ BombshellShocked says:

“The early Gunne Sax dresses have been going for high prices for the last decade, especially those with the early black labels. Though I rarely see them worn, or sell them to Chicago girls. They are quickly snapped up by women in Europe, Australia, and on the coasts.  

Personally, I think they’re fantastic.  A romantic throwback to another time that was itself looking back to an even earlier time. They are quite flattering and they are fun to wear.  Whether you are walking through a meadow or down Division, these frocks scream ‘I’m having a lovely summer!'”

dress available from Trigger Vintage

Mia @ Bummertown Vintage says:

“I think Gunne Sax dresses are great because they’re dual purpose: you can go out and frolic in fields of tall grass all day and then use them as them window coverings at night so the morning sun does not aggravate your moonshine hangover.”


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    7:25 pm

    My prom dress, 1983, was a Gunne Sax style dress! What memories that brings back :)

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    8:49 pm

    LOVED Gunne Sax in high school, I wore them for special occasions in High School–

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