Luxe on a Budget: Mid-Century Modern Sculpture


Luxe on a Budget

For those interested in collecting mid-century modern, there is an absurd price gap between design and art. While furniture and designed objects from the 1950s and ’60s can be fetched for reasonable prices — sometimes even a steal, the price for artworks from the same time period can reach into the tens of millions. 

Celebrated designers (like Eames, Miller, and Thonet) can easily find a place in your collection or mine. On the other hand, it seems that prominent artists (think Rothko, Pollock, and de Kooning) are reserved for museums and rich art collectors. As a result, many mid-century enthusiasts are hesitant when it comes to incorporating art into their vintage collections. 

Well, never fear. Here are five great finds that prove you can buy great vintage art that suites your aesthetic and fits your budget, all while rivaling the world’s top museum collections.

If you like Jean Arp ($52,150)… you’ll love this abstract brass sculpture ($440).

If you like Frank Stella ($107,550) … check out this sweet 1960s screenprint ($495). 

If you like Alberto Giacometti ($576,880)… don’t miss out on this beautiful bronze statue ($189).

If you like Jean Dubuffet ($90,000)… take a look at this graphic collage ($200).

If you like Harry Bertoia ($23,750)… you’ve gotta have this cool vintage piece ($85)!


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